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Cambodian scarf project - why we donate

Cambodian Scarf Project: Why We Donate to the Children of Cambodia

We’ve discussed why our Cambodian scarf project now donates to the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. But, we haven’t yet looked at why we believe helping the children of Cambodia is so important. When you purchase a Cambodian scarf, you’re helping the people of Cambodia in two ways: 1. By purchasing their […]

Cambodian scarves - perfect travel accessory

Cambodian Scarves for Travel: The Best Travel Item

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta Traveling offers us a glimpse into another culture – another world. Author Anais Nin said that “we travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” If you love to travel as I do, then you’ll […]

Learn about krama cambodian silk scarves and karma

Karma and Krama: Learn about Krama Cambodian Silk Scarves

When people first hear of Give Krama and our krama Cambodian scarves for charity, they are often confused. Many think that we misspelled “karma,” and ask us why we did so. Don’t worry – we didn’t misspell karma all across our site. In fact, “krama” is a piece of clothing, and isn’t related to the […]

Cambodian Krama Gingham Scarves: Versatile & Stylish

Gingham scarves are very easy to wear, and can add a lot to your personal style on a daily basis. And, they are extremely versatile for all seasons of the year, and for many purposes. Krama gingham scarves are exceptionally beautiful, and have been used by Cambodians for many years, for many different purposes. Let’s […]

Where Else Can You Get a Cambodian Scarf?

Scarves that look similar are sold virtually everywhere. But please don’t support these scarf companies by purchasing them! Most scarves sold in the USA are manufactured in a factory in some foreign country, where the workers are not given a decent wage, and none of the money earned from the scarves produced goes back into […]

Help Support Our Cause!

When we arrived at the orphanage to arrange the donations with the owner and meet with kids to take some photos, we realized just how bad they needed the money. We had never seen anything like what we saw there. The children literally have nothing but the clothes on their back, and some are not […]

How Cambodia Needs Us

The krama is very important and well used in Cambodia. Almost every Cambodian owns at least one krama scarf and most wear them on a daily basis. They use them to stay cooler in the sunshine, or to keep dirt off their faces and necks while they’re working. Each cambodian scarf sold here in American […]