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Welcome to Give Krama!

Give Joy, Give Sustainability – Give Krama

Handcrafted and high quality, the traditional gingham scarf supports and sustains traditional craftspeople
and gives back to the people of Cambodia by supporting quality health care through Angkor Hospital.

Our Story: Finding the Khmer Scarf

Founders Joseph Wagner and Mona Akbari have traveled far and wide in search of inspiration and beauty. On a trip to Cambodia, they found beauty in the simple traditional garment that has become the national symbol of the country, the Krama gingham scarf. As they continued their travels through Cambodia, they were also struck by the immense poverty of children begging in the streets, and the lack of quality health care available for these children. The connection was immediate. The versatile and beautiful krama scarf could serve to support local craftspeople and meet the medical needs of people in Cambodia. Thus was born Give Krama, and a simple commitment to bettering lives through the sale of gingham scarves! Our idea is unique: We want to give back to the creators of the Cambodian scarves by keeping their tradition alive, and by working to keep their children healthy.

About Cambodian Scarves

The krama scarf serves the Cambodian people in a vast array of functions; from simple utility, to high fashion, and they are worn by people in all walks of life. Cambodians use the gingham scarves for everyday life, as hammocks, turbans, face coverings, wraps, belts, and many other purposes. Additionally, people around the world use the iconic gingham scarves as a fashion statement. Take a peek at our “Looks” page to see just a few of the common fashionable ways a krama scarf can be worn. There are endless possibilities to using a Cambodia scarf for your everyday looks. The khmer scarf has a long tradition, and each Cambodia scarf is beautiful and unique because it is handmade.

Cambodian Scarf Purchase = Supporting Cambodia

You’re doing more than just buying a beautiful piece of clothing when you purchase a khmer scarf, you’re giving back to the people who have made Cambodian silk scarves iconic, and supporting people who need access to quality healthcare. Buy a scarf for charity and give back. The purchase of your charity scarf will benefit in many ways:

1 - buying Cambodian scarves supports the children's hospitalWhen you buy a cambodian scarf from Give Krama your purchase goes a long way. Part of the proceeds from all sales of your charity scarf go directly to the Angkor Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia and provide high quality medical care for children in need of medical attention.


2 - buying a gingham scarf supports Cambodian weaversYour Cambodian scarf purchase supports local craftsmen and women who are continuing a hand weaving tradition that dates back over one thousand years. Each sale of a Cambodia scarf allows the families who make these scarves to feed, clothe, and educate their members.


Why you buy scarves for charity, you’ll not only get a beautiful khmer scarf to wear, but you’ll also help children in need of quality medical care, and support local craftsmen and women who weave each krama scarf by hand to feed, clothe, and educate their families. When you purchase a scarf for charity, you’re benefiting many people and can feel good about your purchase!

About Angkor HospitalPurchase of Cambodian silk scarves - benefits Hospital - charity scarf

Angkor Hospital for Children opened in 1999. Since then, it has gone from providing basic health care to providing specialist heart surgery. Over 1,000,000 patient treatment have been provided since its opening. Funding for the hospital comes from donors across the globe. As a non-profit, they seek to deliver high quality medical care to Cambodian children through the donations from people just like you. Buy purchasing beautiful Cambodian silk scarves from us, you can feel confident that your charity scarf goes a long way towards helping children. Not only will you get to wear one of our unique Cambodian scarves, you’ll be helping to provide much-needed medical care for children.