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Cambodian Scarves for Charity - buy a charity scarf
Give Joy, Give Sustainability: Buy a Charity Scarf

Handcrafted, high quality, natural gingham scarves, that support and sustain not only traditional craftspeople, but give back to children in need of medical care in Cambodia. Buying a Cambodia scarf gives back in many different ways.

Founders Joseph Wagner and Mona Akbar have traveled all over the world, searching for beauty and inspiration in remote places and among wonderful people. During a trip to Cambodia, they discovered a piece of  beauty they had been looking for in the Cambodian people, and also in their beautiful Cambodian silk scarves. They were also struck with the immense poverty of the people they so loved. The site of children begging in the streets, unable to receive the medical care and attention they needed was heartbreaking. Joseph and Mona began looking for a way to help the people of Cambodia, and inspiration struck: They noticed the Cambodians wore a simple, traditional garment that has become a symbol of the country. This garment is a scarf referred to as the krama, or khmer scarf. It is a beautiful gingham scarf hand-woven from with vibrant colors. People across the globe would love to purchase a krama scarf because of their unique beauty, and a part of  proceeds could benefit people from Cambodia. Give Krama scarves for charity was born.

Charity Scarf: Giving Back

Joseph and Mona’s commitment to save and better lives was put into place. The versatile and beautiful krama scarf could be sold. There are many benefits to purchasing a gingham scarf:

  • The sale of a gingham scarf would serve to spread a cultural gem of the Khmer people.
  • The sale of  Cambodian scarves would support local craftspeople and their families education, food, and clothing.
  • Part of the proceeds from the sale of  Cambodian silk scarves would be used to support the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia.

Krama Scarf: About the Cambodian Scarf

The Cambodian scarf has been serving Cambodians for thousands of years. They serve many purposes – not only are they a great utility, they are fashionable and beautiful. People of all walks of life wear Cambodian scarves. They can be used as hammocks, baby carriers, turbans, face wraps, scarves, belts, and many other utilitarian purposes. Additionally, the khmer scarf is very fashionable and can be worn in many different situations and for many unique and beautiful looks. Check out our “Looks” page to get great ideas for how to wear your krama scarf. You can wear them many different ways, and in many different seasons. Our Cambodian silk scarves will add a uniqueness to every outfit.

The Charity Scarf: How it Works

When you purchase a Cambodia scarf from Give Krama, you are purchasing a gingham scarf that is from Cambodia. That means you’re supporting the local craftspeople – men and women who are keeping the tradition of hand weaving alive. You’re supporting local weavers, sustainable and traditional crafting practices, and keeping a part of their culture alive: the khmer scarf. And, when you purchase a Cambodian scarf, we donate a part of  proceeds to the Angkor Hospital for Children. Started in 1999, it has provided high quality medical care for over 1,000,000 children in Cambodia. You can feel confident that you’re not only adding unique, handmade Cambodian scarves to your wardrobe, you’re giving back to the people.

Celebrating the Krama: Unique Gingham Scarves

The krama scarf has a rich and beautiful history. The iconic gingham scarves have been worn by the Cambodian people for thousands of years; it holds a very special place in their hearts. And, it should – these Cambodian scarves are extremely useful and are beautiful garments. Below you’ll find a cultural art video celebrating the Krama scarf.