Ethical Clothing: Cambodian Scarf

The Cambodian Scarf: Making Ethical Fashion and Clothing Choices

Making ethical fashion and clothing choices is important. The world of retail clothing churns out item after item, but it’s up to us where we purchase the clothing we wear. You can either purchase mass-produced items that aren’t ethically produced, or you can wear items that were created by hand, and are produced ethically with the community and the environment in mind.

Unethical Clothing: A Sad Truth

The global manufacturing system is broken. The demand for more product at a lower price means that manufacturers need to find ways to cut corners. One of the easiest ways to cut costs are those associated with labor. As a result, much of our clothing is made by exploited laborers in developing countries: workers who are striving to feed and clothe their own families, and who will take any job they can get. As a result, much of our clothing is manufactured by people who are being used by not receiving fair wages, or working in terrible working environments.

It’s Time for a Change: Buy Ethically Produced Clothing

It’s time for a change. Instead of just buying a piece of clothing simply because you like the way it looks, and the fact that it is the right price, take a moment to think about where it came from. Do your research, and find companies who don’t exploit their laborers. You might pay more, but you can feel confident that your money isn’t benefiting unethical businesses.

The Cambodian Scarf: A Way to Give Back

The Cambodian scarf from Give Krama is not only beautiful: It is created by hand by Cambodian weavers, who use a centuries-old tradition.  When you purchase a Cambodian scarf, you can be confident that the money you spend is supporting the tradespeople who made it, and keeping that tradition alive. And, there is an added benefit when you purchase from Give Krama: A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Angkor Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap. Our founders saw the desperate need for children’s healthcare in the area, and found a way to give back by donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of their charity scarves. When you wear a Cambodian scarf from Give Krama, you can be confident in your ethical clothing choice.

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