Cambodian scarf project - why we donate

Cambodian Scarf Project: Why We Donate to the Children of Cambodia

We’ve discussed why our Cambodian scarf project now donates to the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. But, we haven’t yet looked at why we believe helping the children of Cambodia is so important.

When you purchase a Cambodian scarf, you’re helping the people of Cambodia in two ways: 1. By purchasing their hand-made products, you are keeping their tradition alive, and 2. When you buy a Cambodian scarf, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the children of Cambodia. Let’s look a bit closer at this second point, which is the main reason we donate.

The Cambodian Children’s Need for Healthcare

The statistics when it comes to children’s healthcare in Cambodia are staggering. These statistics were taken from the Angkor Children’s Hospital site, and they are sobering:

– 1 out of 77 Children Dies Before His Fifth Birthday

– Only 4.2% of Adults 25+ Years Have Completed High School

– 63,000 People Live with HIV/Aids

– Gross National Income is US $615 Per Person

– 28% Live Below the Poverty Line of US $1.25 Per Person

As you can, the poverty in Cambodia is extreme. As a result, many children simply don’t get the healthcare they need for survival and growth. Aside from medical care, Cambodia’s children face other hardships, including abandonment, HIV/Aids, and sexual abuse.

Angkor Hospital for Children: Providing Much-Needed Help

In the midst of such need, the Angkor Hospital for Children provides much-needed help. They treat over 150,000 children every year, providing free medical help for families who cannot afford to pay. And, they also help in other areas, by providing food (and instruction for cooking healthy, nutritious meals) and sleeping arrangements for families while they are at the hospital with their children. They also provide health care education for local communities and the staff at the hospital.

Give Back to the Children of Cambodia: Buy a Cambodian Scarf

When you buy a beautiful Cambodian scarf from Give Krama, you are giving back to the children of Cambodia. And, our shop operates under a unique system: You pay a suggested price for your scarves. If you wish to donate more, it will be given to children who desperately need healthcare. Not only will be you be helping children in need, you’ll be keeping a stunning part of their culture alive.


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