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How to Wear a Krama Scarf for Spring

How to Wear a Krama Scarf this Spring

While it’s not uncommon to associate scarves with cool fall and winter weather did you know you can wear your Cambodian Krama scarf as a spring accessory?  Not only do our colorful scarves compliment the colorful season they can be quite useful – besides we all can use a little color to our lives!  Today […]

Get a lasting Mother's Day gift - Cambodian Silk Scarves

A Lasting Mother’s Day Gift: Cambodian Silk Scarves

As we shake off winter’s cold chill and begin to look forward to a fresh new spring season there’s an important day we need to be prepared for – Mother’s Day!  While the winter holidays have festivities and clues that indicate their arrival Mother’s day tends to sneak up on most of us.  Even the […]

Ways to Wear a Cambodian Scarf: As Told by a Local

The Many Ways to Wear a Cambodian Scarf as Told By a Local

We all wear scarves, but how do the Cambodian people use their traditional krama scarf? Here’s a glimpse into just how useful they are. As we have discussed in the past on this blog, there are many different ways to wear Cambodian scarves. Whether you wear a scarf as a belt, vest, wrap, head tie, […]

Ethical Clothing: Cambodian Scarf

The Cambodian Scarf: Making Ethical Fashion and Clothing Choices

Making ethical fashion and clothing choices is important. The world of retail clothing churns out item after item, but it’s up to us where we purchase the clothing we wear. You can either purchase mass-produced items that aren’t ethically produced, or you can wear items that were created by hand, and are produced ethically with […]

Learn about the khmer scarf and sampot - traditional Cambodian clothing

Traditional Cambodian Clothing: From the Khmer Scarf to the Sampot

One of the best ways to learn more about a culture is to take a closer look at their traditional clothing. Often, it provides insight into their heritage, as well as their beliefs and way of life. This is true of Cambodia. Today, we’re going to look at traditional Cambodian clothing, from the khmer scarf […]

When you buy a Cambodian scarf, you give back to Cambodia

Buy a Cambodian Scarf: Give Back to the People Who Make Them

When you buy a Cambodian scarf, you aren’t just purchasing a part of your wardrobe: You’re giving back to the people who made it, as well as spreading a cultural gem of the Khmer people. The krama scarf has been in use for thousands of years, and continuing the tradition is important. Here are a […]

The colorful Cambodian scarf - learn why color is important

The Colorful Cambodian Scarf: Importance of Color in Our Lives

Color is an essential part of our lives, but it isn’t something we realize on a daily basis. In fact, if you’re like us – you go years without truly appreciating the beauty of the colors in the world. Without color, however, the world would be a dull place. Color plays an important role in […]

Handmade scarves - perfect gift for a loved one

Handmade Scarves: The Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and it’s the perfect time to demonstrate your love and appreciation for that special person in your life. Chocolate, flowers, and cards are some of the most common gifts for Cupid’s Day, but they are lacking a few important elements that make up the perfect gift:  Uniqueness, and meaning. Because […]

Mens Guide - How to Wear a Khmer Scarf

A Man’s Guide for Wearing a Khmer Scarf

Scarves are very useful pieces of clothing – especially the Khmer scarf. Today, most people simply wear them as an accessory. In the Western world, people don’t wear scarves because they’re useful – they use them because they are pretty. Because of this, scarves are most often worn by women. This is a shame, because […]