A charity scarf purchase benefits the children of Cambodia

Charity Scarf Benefits the Children of Cambodia

It’s easy to go about life not really thinking about all the people who are in need in this world. This is why we founded Krama Scarf – when you purchase a charity scarf, proceeds go to benefit the Angkor Hospital for Children, who serve the children of Cambodia. Their need is so great – we simply couldn’t ignore it. Here are a few facts about the kids of Siem Reap and the surrounding area, and why your purchase of a scarf for charity means so much to them.

The Poverty of the Children of Cambodia

Extreme poverty in Cambodia leads to unhealthy environments for children. Malnutrition is prevalent, and clean drinking water is scarce. Good hygiene practices are rarely upheld, and disease and sickness run rampant. All these factors lead to a very unhealthy population. Sadly, according to the children’s hospital, “1 out of every 29 children born in Cambodia will die before his or her fifth birthday.” This is the highest child mortality rate in the area. Until 1998, there was no children’s hospital in Siem Reap. And, due to the Khmer Rouge regime’s targeting of the educated class, most doctors and surgeons fled the area, leaving few hospitals and healthcare options available for the Cambodian people.


“1 out of every 29 children born in Cambodia will die before his or her fifth birthday.” Learn how you can help provide medical care for Cambodian children.

How Our Charity Scarf Helps

Today, the Angkor Hospital for Children provides much-needed medical care, prevention, and education to Cambodian children and their families.  Since opening, they have provided over 1.5 million treatments, and have been recognized as one Cambodia’s few pediatric teaching hospitals. As a testament to their care, the hospital doesn’t charge families who cannot afford to pay for medical treatment for their children. And, you can be a part of the movement to help: When you purchase one of our scarves, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the hospital. When you buy a scarf for charity, you are benefiting people who desperately need help, and you will own a beautiful, handmade scarf that will last for years. We are proud of our commitment to help Cambodian children – join us in our quest to help today!


Buy a charity scarf and give back today!