Year End Donations? Purchase a Scarf for Charity

Considering Year-End Donations? Scarf for Charity from Krama Scarf

2016 is coming to an end. It’s time to consider those year-end donations as you prepare for the new year, and give back during this season of thanksgiving. When you purchase a scarf for charity from Krama Scarf, you are not only giving back financially, you are furthering the life and continuance of an ancient tradition. Here’s a look at how your purchase gives back to the children and people of Cambodia.

You Provide Medical Help for Children

When you purchase a charity scarf, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Angkor Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They provide much-needed, high quality medical care for children in need of medical attention. The hospital opened in 1999, and has gone from providing basic care to now being able to provide specialist care, including heart surgery. Over 1,000,000 patients have been treated since opening. The hospital is funded by donors, and helps the children of the area who need medical attention!

You Support Local Craftsmen

When you purchase a charity scarf, you are supporting an ancient hand weaving tradition, as well as the craftsmen and women who keep this tradition alive, and support their families. The hand weaving tradition used to create the iconic khmer scarf has been in use for over one thousand years. The men and women who create our scarves support their families with the proceeds from the scarf sales, and keep the ancient tradition alive and well.

Donate and Purchase a Charity Scarf

If you’re looking for good charities to donate to before the end of the year, consider Krama Scarf as one of the best choices. A portion of your purchase goes toward the Angkor Children’s hospital, and you can choose to donate an additional amount to support the medical needs of Cambodian children. Additionally, you are supporting an ancient tradition that is unique to Cambodian culture, as well as obtaining a beautiful, handmade item for your wardrobe. Browse our shop today and order one for yourself, and that person you forgot on your Christmas list!


Purchase a charity scarf and give back!