Where Else Can You Get a Cambodian Scarf?

Scarves that look similar are sold virtually everywhere. But please don’t support these scarf companies by purchasing them! Most scarves sold in the USA are manufactured in a factory in some foreign country, where the workers are not given a decent wage, and none of the money earned from the scarves produced goes back into their country.

Our organization is different in every single way. We buy each cambodian scarf from the villagers, putting money directly into their country. Then, we sell these scarves in America. After we sell the scarves, we give the money right back to Cambodia – in the form of an orphanage. This money pays for the orphanage to run, for food, and for clothes for the orphaned children.

Please consider buying your next krama scarf from Give Krama. They are all 100% hand made with love in Cambodia. Your purchase will continue to spread love to the children. Thank you for your support.