Handmade scarves - perfect gift for a loved one

Handmade Scarves: The Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and it’s the perfect time to demonstrate your love and appreciation for that special person in your life. Chocolate, flowers, and cards are some of the most common gifts for Cupid’s Day, but they are lacking a few important elements that make up the perfect gift:  Uniqueness, and meaning. Because of this, we believe one of the best gifts you can give to your loved one is handmade scarves. Here’s a look at why:

 – A Gift Should Be Unique

There are hundreds of women who will receive the same bouquet of flowers this Sunday. And, many men will be receiving candy and a card – much like every other man in the area. While these items are fun to give and to receive, they aren’t unique. Why not take this opportunity to give your loved one something completely unique? Our handmade scarves are each individually made by a craftsperson in Cambodia. They employ the age-old tradition of hand weaving, so you know that each one is unique and special. What better way to celebrate the uniqueness of your loved one that by giving them one of our handmade scarves?

 – A Gift Should Have Meaning

Chocolates, flowers, cards, clothing, jewelry, and other popular gifts for Valentine’s Day may have meaning to you, but don’t offer a big opportunity to bring meaning to other people’s lives. This is why our handmade scarves make the perfect gift. When you purchase one of our krama scarves, you are giving back to the culture who created them by keeping a vibrant part of it alive. Supporting local craftsmen and women who use sustainable products gives back to the culture and the environment. And, when you purchase handmade scarves from Give Krama, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Angkor Children’s Hospital in Cambodia. The hospital provides free medical care for children in desperate need of medical attention.

Handmade Scarves from Give Krama: A Unique and Meaningful Gift

Each one of our handmade scarves is beautiful and unique. Because they are handmade, each one is different, making it the perfect gift. Our scarves can be worn by men and women, and can be used in a variety of ways. When you purchase a handmade krama scarf, you’ll be purchasing a staple for y our loved one’s wardrobe that is unique and meaningful!


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