Learn about krama cambodian silk scarves and karma

Karma and Krama: Learn about Krama Cambodian Silk Scarves

When people first hear of Give Krama and our krama Cambodian scarves for charity, they are often confused. Many think that we misspelled “karma,” and ask us why we did so. Don’t worry – we didn’t misspell karma all across our site. In fact, “krama” is a piece of clothing, and isn’t related to the word karma. Let’s take a look at the krama scarf and why we love them so much.

Krama = Cambodian Silk Scarves

IMG_0054-1The best definition we could find of the krama scarf is that it is a “sturdy traditional Cambodian garment with many uses, including as a scarf, bandanna, to cover the face, for decorative purposes, and as a hammock for children…it is worn by men, women and children, and can be fairly ornate, though most typical dramas contain a gingham pattern of some sort, and traditionally come in either red or blue. it is the Cambodian nation symbol.” That description tells of the uses and purpose of the krama scarf, but it doesn’t illustrate just how beloved they are by the people. If you look at pictures of the culture and society in Cambodia, we guarantee you will find people wearing the traditional gingham scarf. Krama Cambodian scarves are extremely useful – the Cambodian people use them for many purposes. Because the average temperature in Cambodia is 80.6 degrees, the people use the silk scarves mainly as a head covering to protect themselves from the intense heat. Each gingham scarf is unique; muted colors often speak of tragedy, while bright, multi-colored scarves are worn to pagoda festivals and for celebrations. The khmer scarf is woven into the culture of Cambodia.

Give Back When You Buy a Krama Scarf

Not only are Cambodian silk scarves beautiful, they are useful and unique. And, when you purchase one from Give Krama, you aren’t just adding a stunning handmade item to your wardrobe: You’re giving back to the people of Cambodia by supporting local craftsmen and women and their handweaving tradition. And, we donate the proceeds to the Angkor Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. When our founders traveled to Cambodia, they were struck by the overwhelming poverty in the area, and the children there who weren’t receiving proper medical care. Recently, we teamed up with the Angkor Children’s Hospital, who have been providing high quality medical care free of charge for those who cannot afford to pay. When you add a krama scarf to your wardrobe, you are giving back!


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