Get a lasting Mother's Day gift - Cambodian Silk Scarves

A Lasting Mother’s Day Gift: Cambodian Silk Scarves

As we shake off winter’s cold chill and begin to look forward to a fresh new spring season there’s an important day we need to be prepared for – Mother’s Day!  While the winter holidays have festivities and clues that indicate their arrival Mother’s day tends to sneak up on most of us.  Even the best prepared children or family members can be caught off guard and find themselves in a grocery store wrestling for the last bouquet or clearing out the candy aisle.

Cambodian Silk Scarves: The Perfect Gift

This year wouldn’t it be nice to give your wife or mother a lasting gift?  Do you want to give her something besides another trinket for her collection?  Forget chocolate, forget flowers, do you want to give something she’ll cherish for years to come?  When you gift a Cambodian scarf from Give Krama you are not only giving a gift that she can enjoy throughout the year but you can be at ease knowing it is money well spent.  Since a portion of the proceeds go to local craftsmen and women who are carrying on the tradition of weaving scarves by hand.  This enables them to provide meals, education, and medical care for their families.

Give Back with Every Purchase

In addition to supporting local craftsmen and women a portion of the proceeds go toward the Angkor Hospital.  The Angkor Hospital impacts the community by providing essential medical care to the children living in Cambodia.  This is medical care that they would otherwise go without and will make a lasting impact on their lives.  When you consider the impact your purchase will make on the Cambodian people it’s an easy choice to make.  Not only will it be a stylish and colorful addition to her wardrobe your mother will not only love the beautiful gift but she will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it.

Purchase Cambodian silk scarves and give back!