Ways to Wear a Cambodian Scarf: As Told by a Local

The Many Ways to Wear a Cambodian Scarf as Told By a Local

We all wear scarves, but how do the Cambodian people use their traditional krama scarf? Here’s a glimpse into just how useful they are.

As we have discussed in the past on this blog, there are many different ways to wear Cambodian scarves. Whether you wear a scarf as a belt, vest, wrap, head tie, head wrap, baby carrier, hammock, or simply as a scarf around your neck, the Cambodian scarf is an extremely useful, and beautiful piece of clothing. Recently, we came across this video of a local demonstrating just how important and useful the khmer scarf is in the everyday life of the Cambodian people.

The Cambodian Scarf: Traditional Clothing for Years

The khmer scarf has been a part of Cambodian culture for many years. As you can see at 3:32 in the video, wearing the scarf tied around the neck is traditional. According to the guide in the video, it illustrates that the person is “ready to work, ready to travel far.” Previously in the video, he also goes over other traditional uses for the Cambodian scarf, including using it to carry items around the neck of the wearer, almost like a handbag. He also illustrates how it is used as a head wrap when the weather is hot, as well as to soak up sweat while working outside. Another common use for this traditional checkered scarf, is to carry a baby wrapped up in its cloth.

How Do You Use Your Cambodian Scarf?

The Cambodian people use their scarves for everyday life, as a tool to make their lives easier. It’s wonderful that, as well as being useful, the handmade scarves are exceptionally beautiful. How do you wear your Cambodian scarf? Is it solely to add a pop of color, or is it useful to your everyday life like the Cambodians? Let us know – we’d love to hear just how your scarf has added to your life.

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