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Scarves for Charity

Making Cambodian silk scarves: a gingham scarf for charityThe Gift of Krama:
Scarves for Charity

When you buy a Cambodian scarf from Give Krama your purchase goes a long way, literally. Part of the proceeds from all gingham scarves go directly to Angkor Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The gift of your purchase doesn’t just stop there, it keeps going by providing excellent medical care for children in Cambodia. The hospital also reimburses people for their travel, as well as provides food and a place to stay while their children are receiving medical help. Additionally, the purchase of your Cambodian scarf supports the craftsmanship of the people who keep the hand-weaving tradition alive. You are able to wear the unique gingham scarves in many different outfits, and in many different situations. That’s because the gingham scarf is a great accessory you will feel good about; you’re giving back in a big way to the community that created it.

Support Local

Your Cambodian scarf purchase  supports local craftsmen and women who are continuing a hand weaving tradition that dates back over one thousand years. Each Cambodia scarf sale allows the families who make the khmer scarf to feed, clothe, and educate their members.


The khmer people of Cambodia have a rich and vibrant culture and the krama scarf is one of their most recognizable national symbols. The krama scarf is used in almost every facet of life, and can be found in settings ranging from rice fields to fashion runways! Spreading these iconic national garments helps reinforce and support an enduring cultural practice.


The weavers we purchase our Cambodian scarves from use only sustainable practices in their craft. Each khmer scarf is lovingly hand made with minimal impact on the environment, so you can be confident you’re purchasing a krama scarf that hasn’t been made using damaging chemicals or processes that are harmful to the environment or the culture who created them.

Support Children in Need

Many charity organizations endeavor to provide school uniforms, or buy educational materials for children. We wanted to take this a step further. There are many Cambodian children who are denied more than access to education. One of the basic necessities of life is medical care. Many of the children in Cambodia don’t receive medical help. The Angkor Hospital provides high quality medical services, and has helped over 1,000,000 patients since it was founded in 1999. As a main sponsor for the children’s hospital, a percentage of our proceeds are hand delivered by our founders to the orphanage at least once a year. Our Cambodian scarves for charity proceeds go directly to children who need it.

Cambodian silk scarves: Purchase a scarf for charity

About the Charity: A Children’s Hospital

Angkor hospital in Cambodia - Purchase a charity scarf

The Angkor Hospital has a rich history, and now you’ll add to the story by purchasing a gingham scarf. The story begins with acclaimed photographer Kenro Izu, who traveled often to the Angkor Wat monuments in Cambodia. He was deeply affected by the disfigured, malnourished children around the area who suffered from illness, disease, and other maladies. Izu was greatly inspired by the historical treasures of Cambodia, and wanted to give back to the society that had so blessed him. He committed himself to building a pediatric hospital that could provide much-needed medical attention for Cambodian children for years to come. To complete this goal, he founded Friends Without A Border in 1996. Then, with the help of a board of healthcare professions, over 6,000 supporters across the globe, and the art community, Friends Without A Border opened the Angkor Hospital for Children in 1999. Since its humble opening, it has grown to include many services, including an emergency room, intensive care unit, pharmacy, laboratory, inpatient depart, outreach program, and many other services. Since opening, over 1.3 million children have received high-quality, compassionate care. In fact, this hospital treats more than 450 children every day. Kendo Izu’s dream became a reality – Cambodian children are receiving the medical attention they deserve. The hospital is non-profit: In order to continue treating children, it must receive support from people just like you, across the globe. Their goal is to provide treatment, education, and disease prevention, to better the lives of Cambodians, and your purchase of a gingham scarf – a Cambodian scarf – will benefit the Cambodian people and their families.

How You Can Help: Purchase a Gingham Scarf for Charity

If you would like to help provide high quality medical services young Cambodians, all you have to do is purchase a Cambodian scarf – a charity scarf. You choose the price you pay when you purchase a krama scarf from Give Krama. If you donate above the suggested price for your Cambodian scarves, it will allow us to support the children’s hospital in their effort to provide high quality medical care for children of Cambodia. Your charity scarf proceeds go toward medical services for children, as well as the many other efforts the hospital supports, including reimbursing travel expenses for families visiting during treatment, and providing sleeping material and food for families during their stay. When you buy our gingham scarves, not only are you getting a traditional, iconic Cambodia scarf that will compliment every outfit, you’re supporting children and families in need.

Purchase a Cambodian Scarf: Give Back

Our gingham scarves for charity is still a relatively new concept and we’d like to continue growing our charitable efforts. When you buy our Cambodian scarves, you allow us to expand our inventory to include new gingham scarf patterns and other unique products and also help us increase our donations to children who are in need. And, you will truly enjoy the unique beauty of your khmer scarf once you add it to your wardrobe!

Thank You For Your Support

Please review a selection of our gingham scarves below, any purchase you make on our site supports the Angkor Children’s Hospital. Additionally, you may also visit the Shop Page for more selections of the Cambodian scarf. If you’d like to see how to wear your charity scarf, view our “Looks” page to see fashionable outfits for Cambodian scarves. The khmer scarf is a traditional piece of clothing that can be used for many purposes and added to many looks!

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