How to Wear a Krama Scarf for Spring

How to Wear a Krama Scarf this Spring

While it’s not uncommon to associate scarves with cool fall and winter weather did you know you can wear your Cambodian Krama scarf as a spring accessory?  Not only do our colorful scarves compliment the colorful season they can be quite useful – besides we all can use a little color to our lives!  Today we’re going to share with you our two favorite ways to wear a scarf as a part of your spring wardrobe.

How to Wear a Krama Scarf

The Casual Cover Up

As the spring season begins to usher in warmer weather it’s no wonder we’re all tempted to pull out our favorite tank tops or blouses.  One simple way to wear your Krama scarf is as a casual cover up.  The trend of wearing a scarf over a tank top is here to stay why not give it a try this spring?  Visit our post on the Countless Ways to Wear a scarf!

Evening Attire

While you can count of spring to bring warmer days it’s not uncommon for the the temperatures to cool off in the afternoon far into the evening.  Whether you’re planning a casual outing with friends or you have a formal function the Krama scarf is just the accessory for you!  While providing just the right amount of warmth our colorful scarves pair perfectly as a shawl or wrap over your favorite dress.

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

No matter how you decide to incorporate wearing a scarf into your spring wardrobe you can have the added pleasure by knowing your support makes a difference.  Not only does your purchase of a Krama scarf sustainability support Cambodian craftsmen you help provide children with essential medical care they might otherwise never receive.  Why not add a little color to your wardrobe and at the same time give joy and sustainability to a person in need?

Purchase a krama scarf and give back!